US air raids target al-Qaeda in Yemen, wound civilians

by admin | Friday, Mar 3, 2017 | 321 views

US fighter jets have carried out dozens of air raids on suspected al-Qaeda positions in southern Yemen for a second consecutive day, according to multiple sources.

The overnight raids on Friday included another assault in the Wadi Yashbum village in Shabwa province, where residents told the Reuters news agency that some of the strikes had hit civilian homes and a number of civilians were among the wounded.

The raids also struck the home of al-Qaeda’s commander in the area, Saad Atef, tribal sources told the AFP news agency.

Security officials in the area told AFP that eight suspected al-Qaeda fighters were killed in the raids.

Tribal sources also said that women and children were wounded in the raids, which came a day after the Pentagon confirmed carrying out more than 20 strikes in the Shabwa, Abyan and al-Bayda provinces.

Residents and local officials said at least 12 suspected al-Qaeda fighters were killed in Thursday’s strikes

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