Turkish President visits Somalia, leaders to sign multi- area agreement

by admin | Sunday, Jan 25, 2015 | 801 views


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has arrived Mogadishu on Sunday to attend the opening ceremony of the new terminal of Somali’s Mogadishu airport.

President Erdogan and his delegate was warmly welcomed by his counterpart, Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mahmud.

Speaking at the opening ceremony president Erdogan said that he is happy to open the first terminal of Mogadishu airport.

“ I hope this terminal will support the ongoing efforts in Somalia” Erdogan stated.

Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mahmud has welcomed the president and praised their local activities in Mogadishu and other regions in the country.

“ We are very proud that you are part of this efforts, thanks to all Turkish people. there is a difference, in 2011 when you arrived here and now, you put lots of efforts to make this happen, this terminal helps the morale of the society and thanks for all your supports including the projects run by Turkey organisations” Hassan Mahmud said.

“ We are happy to welcome the president, we will sign multi-agreements related to economic, business and security, the agreements will be useful to both Somali and Turkish people.” Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid said.

Turkish president also opened the renovated well known hospital aka (Digfer) and then headed to presidential palace where he met with Somali leaders and other international figures who are based in Mogadishu.

Hundreds of soldiers and police officers had shut down much of Mogadishu streets, and all business centres were also closed to tighten the security of Erdogan and his delegate.

Al-shabaab group claimed the responsibility of a suicide attack targeted on a Hotel resided by turkish members before the trip of Erdogan was postponed.

Erdogan visited Somalia during a massive famine in Somalia in 2011 and delivered humanitarian support to famine effected people.

Turkey is carrying out several major projects in Somalia including constructions, education and Health. The visit of Erdogan helps Somalis to end the long conflict that ravaged the country and hold referendum on a new constitution before the general elections in 2016.

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