To Stop Famine Demands Investments: FAO-WFP

by admin | Saturday, Jul 8, 2017 | 174 views
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Program (WFP) coincided here that to stop famine in countries like Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, urgently requires more humanitarian support, and a greater investment.

In an event parallel to the 40th Conference of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in this capital, until Saturday, it was stated that the situation of the four African nations is quite complex.

FAO Assistant General Director Daniel Gustafson said that though what is done is recognized, ‘we cannot underestimate how much is left to do, if we want to avoid another blow of famine in 2017.’

The same way, World Food Program assistant gemneral director Amir Abulla alerted on the risk of falling into complacency and called not to allow ‘the success up to today to be tomorrow’s defeat’.

It was reported in the event of the FAO that in the northeast of Nigeria, the conflict and the displacements led 5,5 million people to a situation of severe food insecurity, which worsens in scarcity in the current season, when homes remain without food before the next harvest.

In Somalia, 3,2 million persons endure severe food insecurity because of the the drought, while in South Sudan, a half of the population is in the same situation mostly because of the conflicts.

Also in Yemen 17 million persons turn out to be affected by the severe famine.

The means to survive are the best defense to face famine and the severe food insecurity, hence the help to the rural population to preserve subsistence is the most rapid and economic way.

The FAO gave help this year to 8,4 million persons in these four nations, both of agricultural emergency, and of means of subsistence, contribution that is financed up to 48 percent.

The WFP also supported 11 million people with emergency food and other items to save lives, and points to increase up to the 14 million this month.

In this case this organism of the UN is provided with nearly one third of the funds it needs.


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