Texas drops out of suit to halt US Air-American deal

by admin | Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013 | 347 views

U.S. Airways jets are seen early in the morning at Reagan National Airport in Washington

Texas and Pacific Railway Company,  Texas railroad merged into the Missouri Pacific in 1976. Chartered in 1871, it absorbed several other Texas railroads and extended service to El Paso in the west and New Orleans, La., in the east. Under Thomas A. Scott, who was simultaneously president of the Pennsylvania Railroad, the line attempted to build to New Mexico and Arizona, where it could obtain a land grant for further expansion, but this plan was eventually abandoned.

In 1880 the railroad, along with several others, was acquired by Jay Gould, who made them into feeder lines for the Missouri Pacific, which he also controlled. The Texas and Pacific was officially merged into the Missouri Pacific in 1976, together with the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad.

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