Splash Money: Hassan Sheikh in hard talks a week ahead of Presidential election

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31- January – 2017 (SofoNews) – Hassan Sheikh Mahmud, a man who wants to retrieve his position has invited over Hundred MPs from both Parliament houses to a dinner to build his alliances and gain the support of lawmakers who will make the real change on 8th February.

Senior officials including Muse Sudi, a former warlord and loyal members to Damjadid group have appeared at the dinner table.

Abdirashid Hidig, a pro-Ethiopian politician who recently lost the race for the speaker of the parliament showed his desire in supporting president Hassan Sheikh.


Hassan Sheikh Mahmud has been struggling in dealing with international partners who put forward their own geopolitical interests towards Somalia but he managed to lead a team from Damjadid ( The New Blood), a group that split from Muslim brotherhood in Egypt.

If re-elected, he promised the implementation of his pledges for a better Somalia; repeating the same message that he conveyed the first time he introduced himself to fellow Somalis and the rest of the world.


In Somalia, politics is like betting a football match, you never know who will score next, but the one thing you can predict is the money. The more you pay the closer you can be to the office.

The MPs of Southwest state of Somalia seem to be lining up with Mr Mahmud and it’s believed they are those who will make the difference.

Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, who had secret meetings with UAE officials will return to Mogadishu to strength his position. Mr Ahmed, the former TFG leader is associated with Daarood clan members, a good number of lawmakers whom can play a decisive part in his victory.


Source: Somaliafocus

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