South West State calls a war on Al-Shabaab group 

by admin | Friday, Mar 24, 2017 | 269 views

24 March 2017 (SofoNews) – Sharif Hassan, the autocratic president of south West State of Somalia said on Friday that his administration will launch a war on al-Shabaab group in undisclosed time.

He said, “ the reason of launching this war, is to re-open blocked main roads in districts and regions of this state.”    

Al-Shabaab rebel group blocked roads in Bay, Bakol and Lower Shabelle regions, where is difficult to distribute food, water and other necessities to needy people in these grounds.   

Sharif Hassan called the African Union Forces known as (AMISOM), federal government and the international community to help in the process of eliminating al-Shabaab.

Al-shabaab, the al-Qaida affiliated group remain powerful in major remote rural areas in South and Central Somalia trying to overthrow western, UN backed government.

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