Somalia’s Electoral Body Sets New Measures To Prevent Corruption

by admin | Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016 | 243 views

25 Oct 2016 (SofoNews) – Somalia’s electoral body has raised concerns of alleged corruption in the ongoing electoral process. During a press conference, the Chairman of the Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation team (FIEIT), Omar Mohamed Abdulle, has stated that the election commission will set new rules aimed to prevent vote buying and bribery during the election period. He said the new measures will prevent upcoming parliamentarians from selling their vote or allow MPs to place a special mark against candidate’s name during the casting session.

Abdulle said that mobile phones and camera devices will be banned inside the voting centers, which can be used as proof of vote by MPs who took bribes from presidential candidates. This comes following recent statement by UN envoy to Somalia of corrupt practices and bribery in the Somali elections. The new measures announced amid the conclusion of Upper House elections in some regional states, and were reported that the process was marred by bribery and vote buying, whereas leaders of the Somali government, primarily the President and the Prime Minister who  are also presidential candidates are in a race to back allied candidates in the parliamentary elections to secure their winning chances in the forthcoming presidential election.Lately, there were public concerns about the ongoing election process and the possibility that only presidential candidates with financial capabilities will buy vote from parliamentarians in the presidential elections to secure the country’s highest job.

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