Somalia: Sharif Hassan to challenge the current leader amid widespread speculations

by admin | Saturday, Dec 31, 2016 | 386 views

The president of South-west state of Somalia who is currently running for the top office at villa Somalia have had further meetings with Ethiopian officials in Addis-Ababa, SomaliaFocus reports.

Sharif Hassan Aden returned to Addis-Ababa within a week after performing Umra in Saudi. He was also part of a crucial meeting with his state counterparts of HirShabelle and Galmudug states along with representatives from United Arab emirates and Ethiopia government.

Reports suggested that Mr. Hassan has accepted to withdrew his candidacy, but in an interview he gave VOA Somali service mentioned that he has the support of his population and South-west politicians.

He confirmed that he will run the office showing a hope that he will succeed in his campaign.

Sharif Hassan has been a key political figure in the Somali politics and had the upper hand in many political dilemma that previous governments encountered.

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