Somalia: ISIS Fighters abduct number of people in Puntland.

by admin | Saturday, Jan 28, 2017 | 342 views

Fighters believed to have links with Islamic state have abducted four men following an attack on passenger bus travelling outskirt of Qandala, Bari region.

The Islamic state pro-group has carried out an ambush attack on the bus with 18 travellers taking four, two of them have managed to escape. Abducted people were off-duty Puntland soldiers who were travelling to Bosaso, a commercial city in Bari region, sources said.

In December 2016 Puntaland retook Qandala town from ISIS following massive assaults that lasted for weeks. Qandala attack was the first attempt by ISIL but also a clear signal to Somali government and its partners.

Puntland has been experiencing insecurity incidents for the last two years. And security issue will remain in doubt as rebel groups continue to move freely in parts of the semi-autonomous region.


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