Somalia: Al Shabaab Raids Afmadow Police Station, 3 Killed

by admin | Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016 | 282 views

Heavily armed fighters from Al Shabaab have launched an overnight raid on Jubbaland army bases in the southern town of Afmadow, killing at least three people, and wounding 4 others.

The militants began their attack by raiding the Afmadow Police Station, where they killed three policemen before retreating the town during the midnight, according to the local residents.

Al Shabaab fighters are reportedly encountered a stiff resistance from the police officers stationed in the town holding their ground before the Kenyan defense forces reinforced them.

Medics said up to four people, including a woman were wounded in the Al Shabaab attack in Afmadow town in Lower Jubba region of southern Somalia.

Jubbaland state did not issue a comment on the latest Al Shabaab raid on its forces base camp.

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