Somalia: A Military court Executes Four Al-shabaab Members in Baidoa

by admin | Monday, Apr 24, 2017 | 251 views

24 April 2017 (SofoNews) – A court in Baidoa has executed four suspected members of al-Shabaab group on Monday, SofoNews reports.

The al-shabaab members were accused for being behind a car bomb attack that killed dozens of civilians in Baidoa last year.

Liban Ali Yarow, chairman of the military court said that the four members carried out bomb attack deliberately, and “this is a relief” he said.

He added that their execution is an act of justice as the al-shabaab members killed several of innocent people.

SofoNews understands that president Mohamed Abdullahi who visited Baidoa yesterday have signed a letter from the court to order the execution of the four suspected of al-shabaab memebers.

Despite calls from human rights organisations, the military court in Somalia has continued to carry out executions against suspected members in Somalia.

Al-shabaab, the al-Qaida associated group remain to be a threat to the Somalis federal government and their African allies in Mogadishu.

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