Senior Al-Shabaab Commander Killed In Southern Somalia

by admin | Monday, Jan 30, 2017 | 364 views

A senior Al-Shabaab commander has been killed during an offensive in Gedo region by Somali military on Sunday, January 29. Garbaharey district commissioner Iman Adow Kaarshe confirmed that Al-Shabaab commander of Gedo region Abdullahi Qanas, was killed following ground operation against the insurgents’ hideout in Tulo-Barwaqo village. “The notorious Al-Shabaab commander who was in charge of Gedo region was killed in a major Somali National Army (SNA) offensive at Tulo-Barwaqo area, 19 km away from Garbaharey town Sunday morning,” he said.

He added that SNA will continue to clean up Al-Shabaab held areas in the region, which has been hit by deadly terror attacks, including raid on KDF base in El Adde village in January 2016. The district commissioner didn’t reveal if there were casualties from the Somali forces who have stepped up their fight against Al-Shabaab group that stages frequent attacks in the country.Al-Shabaab is yet to release a statement on the Somali military claim of killing top leader. SNA together with Kenyan defense forces (KDF) have launched an operation in Gedo following Friday’s alleged Al-Shabaab car bombing and gun attack on Kulbiyow base.

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