President Farmaajo Meets With King Of Jordan

by admin | Thursday, Mar 30, 2017 | 317 views

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo met with King Abdullah of Jordan in Amman on the sidelines of the 28th Arab league summit. President Farmaajo discussed with King Abdullah on ways to enhance the bilateral relations and cooperation in various fields, including security, trade and investment as well as drought assistance programs.

Former Somali Foreign affairs Minister Abdisalam Hadliye, current ambassador to Saudi Arabia and other top officials accompanied Farmaajo’s private meeting with King Abdullah. Somali President has also met with other Arab leaders and discussed with them the current situation of the country, mainly the drought and fighting the militant group Al-Shabaab, which is a major threat to the region.

The meetings come in line with Somali President’s efforts aimed at sustaining cordial relations and an enduring strategic partnership with the international community. During the summit, President Farmaajo has highlighted the current situation in the country and appealed to the leaders to extend efforts to rebuild the nation and support the country in their fight against extremists

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