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Mogadishu, 06 December 2014 – The Minister of Information, Mustafa Duhulow, today addressed the media, providing an update on the progress of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) over the last week. The Minister discussed various issues: progress in education, federalism and media sector development; good relations between Somalia and Arab Countries; consultation on FGM; Humanitarian Assistance; the Somali Athletics tournament; and the bringing to justice of a number of notorious criminals in Mogadishu.

Progress on Education

The Minister of Information began by speaking on the progress being made in education: “The Federal Government of Somalia has successfully opened a new school in Mogadishu named ‘11 January’. The Minister of Education officially opened the school on December 1st by cutting the ribbon in the presence of the European Envoy to Somalia, Michele Cervone D’Urso. The school consists of 10 classes and the education it offers is free of charge. The European Union sponsored the rehabilitation of the school. The EU Envoy and the Minister of Education Mr Isse Mohamed Ahmed Gurase, both spoke to media and stressed the importance of education in Somalia which they said the improvement of the security in the country made it possible for the development of the country.”

Progress on Federalism

The Minister of Information spoke on the progress made in implementing Federalism in Somalia: “The FGS places high priority on the implementation of federalism in Somalia. The President of Somalia attended the inauguration ceremony of the new President of South West Region on December 3rd, 2014, a key milestone in the progress of the implementation of federalism. Representatives from the FGS, Jubba, Puntland, Galmudug and from the UN, EU, the Arab League, IGAD, Ethiopia, Turkey, Sweden and many other countries were present at the event in Baidoa. H.E. the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud stressed the importance of inclusivity in the implementation of the process to form the South West Administration and urged them to unite for the sake of the nation. The President also urged President of South West Region, HE Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, to prioritise the fight against terrorism in the region. President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden thanked all participants and promised that he will complete the process of the administration through dialogue and reconciliation. The FGS and the people of Somalia warmly welcomed the formation of South West Region of Somalia, a key milestone to the implementation of Federalism n Somalia.”

Somalia and Arab Countries Renew Bi-Lateral Relations

The Minister of Information spoke on renewed bi-lateral relations between Somalia and Arab Countries: “Somali leaders welcomed a high level delegation from a number of Arab countries led by the Deputy Prime Minister of Kuwait, HE Sheikh Sabah Khalid Hamid Al-Sabah. This was a historic visit to Somalia by the representatives of various Arab Countries and the aim was to renew bi-lateral relations between Somalia and Arab Countries and discuss Arab League plans to host a national conference on the reconstruction of Somalia in 2015. HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and HE Sheikh Sabah Khalid Hamid Al-Sabah held a joint press conference in Mogadishu on December 4th, 2014. The leaders stated that both sides agreed to renew bi-lateral relations and the Arab countries stressed their readiness to assist in the rebuilding of Somalia. HE the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mauritania, Ahmad Ould Tegeude and the Secretary General of the Arab League HE, Nabil Al-Carabi were also part of the delegation.“

Somali Media Sector Development

The Minister of Information spoke on the development of the Somali Media Sector: “the Ministry of Information has been conducting activities to develop the Somali media sector for some time. This week the Ministry of Information successfully achieved the expansion of the reach of Radio Mogadishu outside of Mogadishu to seven new towns in Somalia: Beledweyne, Baidoa, Galkaio, Guri’eel, Garowe, Bosaso and Dhusamareb. This was part of the action-plan of the Ministry of Information for this year. The Ministry also plans to extend the Radio Mogadishu footprint to Bulo Burte and Barawa in the near future. On November 30th, 2014, residents in Baidoa warmly welcomed the chance to listen to Radio Mogadishu on FM. Radio Mogadishu is now the most listened radio station in Baidoa and its environs.”

Consultation Process on FGM

The Minister of Information spoke on recent consultation process on FGM: “The Ministry of Women & Human Rights Affairs held a two day consultation event in Mogadishu on 1st and 2nd of December 2014. The aim was to discuss how to stop the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Somalia, as the Ministry prepares legislation on FGM in order to completely halt the foul and unnecessary practice across Somalia. Over 100 participants from all walks of life took part in the consultation and all agreed on the importance of drafting legislation to make FGM illegal. Hon Khadija Mohamed Dirie thanked participants for their honest views and stated that the Ministry will take on board all the suggestions made during the consultation and will soon finalise the draft of the legislation, as it is the only way that FGM can be stopped. The Minister said that at one point 98% of Somali women went through FGM: it is unacceptable to allow our girls to be subject of FGM. Minister Dirie stated that she prioritises this matter and as a result she appoints Dr Mina Hassan Mohamed to be the director of the campaign to stop FGM in Somalia.”

Humanitarian Assistance

The Minister of Information spoke on the subject of humanitarian assistance: “The Federal Government of Somalia welcomes the role of Somalis in the Diaspora in providing humanitarian assistance to people of Somalia who are desperately in need. On December 1st, 2014 Somalis in Norway provided humanitarian assistance to residents on the outskirts of Beledweyne through Rahma Islamic Relief Organisation. Areas that Rahma Islamic Relief provided food aid to were Guryo Cadde, Tawakal, Biyo Quran, amongst others. Residents in these areas were affected by the flooding of Shabelle river. The Federal Government encourages Somalis in the Diaspora to provide humanitarian assistance to Somalis inside Somalia, as we want the country to be self sufficient in the long run.”

Somali Athletics Tournament

The Minister of Information spoke on the conclusion of the Somali Athletics tournament: “The Federal Government of Somalia encourages sports as a means to engage with young people. On 04 December 2014 the 30st Championship of Athletics tournament was concluded in Mogadishu. The Secretary General of Somali Athletics Association, Mohamed Abdullahi Dhaaley, spoke at the event and explained the process of the tournament. The Acting Chairperson of the Somali Athletics Associations, Mrs Khadijo Adan Dahir, thanked all the young people who participated in the tournament, and complimented them on their discipline and good sportsmanship throughout. The Chairman of Somali Olympic Committee and other sporting associations were all present at the closing ceremony of the tournament. Winners of the tournament are expected to take part the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. Officials from the Ministry of Sports & Youth officially closed the ceremony and noted the huge development in Somali sports. 8 teams took part in 30th Championship of Somali Athletic. Heegan team came first overall, Iimaan Hospital second and the Olympic Fitness Centre came third. From the women’s side, Iimaan Hospital team came first and Olympic Fitness Centre came second. SNTV and Radio Goobjoog were awarded medals for their live reporting throughout the tournament.”

Notorious Criminals Brought to Justice

The Minister of Information concluded by speaking on public executions in Mogadishu: “On 04 December 2014, the Somali Military Court in Mogadishu convicted three criminals of capital offences and sentenced them to be executed. Ibrahim Abdullahi Ali, a member of Al-Shabaab, deliberately murdered Sakaria Mohamed Mohamud Moallim, a media cameraman, in the Shibis district of the city. He was also found guilty of the murder of Ali Mambuuq, a Somali National Army (SNA) soldier. Abdullahi Artan Mohamud, (22 years old) was convicted of the murder of Ahmed Abdirahman Sharif, also in Shibis district. The third criminal was Abdifatah Ahmed Abdi, (29 years old), a former member of the SNA, who killed Mohamud Hassan Mohamed. The father of Sakaria Mohamed Mohamud Moallim was present during the execution and welcomed justice being served upon the killer of his son and stated, “I feel confident that wronged citizens will get justice, this is very important.” The aim of these executions is to deter killers and to convince the people that justice will prevail.”

ENDS – Ministry of Information, Federal Republic of Somalia,

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