Government Officials Accused Of Failing Mogadishu Security

by admin | Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016 | 297 views

Former Hodan District Commissioner Abdi Salad has accused the top government officials of failing to secure Mogadishu which has seen an increase in attack of late. Speaking in an interview with Radio Shabelle, Mr. Salad said the leaders of the government are busy with the elections and spending their time in campaigning instead of the national security.

“All the federal government leaders whose mandate has expired are busy with the election campaigns, while Al-Shabaab militants keep carrying out attacks and killing people in Mogadishu,” he added. The former district commissioner’s comments come as Mogadishu has seen series of car bombs and killings on security force members and public servants by Al- Shabaab militants. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has asked AMISOM troops to help the Somali National Army secure the country during the election which is scheduled for Nov 30, 2016.

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