Galmudug Police Force Protest Over Unpaid Salaries

by admin | Monday, Mar 6, 2017 | 380 views

The police in the interim capital of Galmudug are on strike citing lack of payments for several months.The Deputy Commander of the Adaado police force,  Dhame Omar Maalim Ali has told the media that the police have stopped their services in the police centers and they have all abandoned their duty station.

He said they have been asking the police forces to stay in their jobs but the situation has become unbearable after the forces failed their pay for several consecutive months. He said  the closure of the police centers has even affected 11 people who are been held in the centers. He said the detainees needs are not been addressed.

The Galmudug administration is faced with a lot of challenges following the resignation of their President who cited health reasons.

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