Electoral Oversight Body Gives Thumbs Up To Galmudug And Puntland States For High Level Of Electoral Preparedness

by admin | Thursday, Nov 3, 2016 | 223 views

The Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (FIEIT) has concluded a tour of Adado in Galmudug and Garowe in Puntland, where it assessed the electoral preparedness of both states. Their visit to Garowe and Adado, was preceded by another assessment tour of the capital cities of Jubbaland and South West states respectively.

While touring Adado, the interim administrative capital of Galmudug, FIEIT deputy chairperson, Ms. Deeqa Yassin said the electoral team was confident with the plans made by the Galmudug administration towards the elections of the Lower House. “We were welcomed here by our SIEIT members, we visited and held talks with the Galmudug vice president and speaker of parliament. We toured the electoral sites; we saw two sites. The town’s security is good because Amisom is now here. We were indeed satisfied with how the State level Indirect Electoral Implementation Team here did their work,” Ms. Deeqa said.

The Galmudug administration announced the start of the registration of candidates, ahead of the polls. Galmudug Vice President Mr. Mohamed Hashi expressed satisfaction with the security arrangements in the town, saying security threats had been mitigated with the presence of AMISOM troops recently deployed in Adado. “We have been working hard, we have now had one month of preparations. Our biggest challenge was security, we didn’t have AMISOM present here, but now they’ve come and we are expecting more AMISOM troops. We hope security won’t be a problem and we can continue with the process smoothly,” the Vice President said.

On Tuesday, FIEIT visited Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland, where they also gave a thumbs up to the administration for the electoral preparedness. “We had four key issues on our agenda; to check with the Puntland electoral team, whether the election sites are ready, indeed we saw they are ready. We were also checking on the selection and registration of the delegates for the electoral colleges; that too is going on very well. We also checked how the registration of the candidates is going, and again, that one is proceeding well. Therefore, I would say are satisfied with the preparedness here,” Mohamed Keynan, FIEIT spokesperson stated.

The fulfilment of the 30-percent women’s quota in the Lower House was also high on FIEIT’s list of priorities. “What is also important for us in our assessment, is the women’s quota and how each region is prepared to ensure that women get the seats reserved for them. As you may know the national leaders forum had agreed on 30% quota for women. It is our responsibility and that of the State-level Indirect Electoral Independent Teams and the regional administrations, to ensure that is fulfilled,” added Ms. Deeqa, the FIEIT deputy chairperson. FIEIT also met with the Puntland vice president. They discussed the administration’s role in ensuring a successful electoral process for the Lower House. The Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team is expected to tour electoral centers in HirShabelle state tomorrow.

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