Educated, Former security minister and Ally of President Mohamud Has Many Tasks Ahead

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In what described as a massive political contest in central regions of Somalia, the former academic and government officer Abdikarim Guled was given 49 votes and wins the election. As the contest moved into the third round his rival Ahmed Moallim Fiqi, former director of Somalis intelligence Agency received 40. Clan leaders and representatives chose three finalists including Ahmed Abdisalam former Ambassador.

Over two dozen candidates announced their intention to run for President but in the end only four were considered credible contenders.

Galmudug leader was elected by members of the newly formed parliament of Galmudug state, the parliament members represent various clans live and reside in the Galgadud and Mudug regions.

Abdikarim Hussein Guled is not a seasoned politician but he is a close ally with the current president Hassan Mohamud. He brings friends from the ruling party and personnel with academic backgrounds. Whether he can bring the hard political skills, to negotiate with Ahlusna Waljama group and Puntland administration is his next step.

On June 7, Ahlusunna Waljama, a sufi armed group that battles with al-shabaab seized Dhusamareb town after launching assaults on military bases of Somali government. Ahlusuna Waljama opposed Adado conference and the elections.

On June 18, delegates from Mudug and Galgadud regions survived a thwarted suicide attack to form the state.

Meanwhile, Puntland the autonomous region in northeastern Somalia sees Galmudug as a new threat to their territory as chiefs of security services have had an extraordinary meeting following the presidential election of Galmudug state on Saturday.

Galkayo, the birth place of Abdiweli Gaas, Puntland’s president could be a new front if the sides fail to engage peace and turn their worrier statements into talks.

The Old enemy is on the other corner

Al-shabaab fighters escalated their ambushes and chilling attacks during the Holly month of Ramadan. Dozens of AMISOM, the African Union peace keepers, government forces and civilians were killed in attacks at various places in southern regions.

The group also took over new villages in LowerShablle region after allied forces vacated from their military barracks in Janale, Walaweyn and Lego.

A heavy assault on Brundi bases in Lego neighbourhood killed at least 60 african soldiers but a statement released by the especial representative of AU for Somalia Ambassador Maman Sidikou denied the casualties and their vacation.

The second phase of Operation Indian Ocean has been postponed because of insufficient resources and the recent success of al-shabaab shows the boldness of Islamists.

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