DP World of UAE to construct Barawe Seaport following a meeting with President Sharif Hassan

by admin | Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017 | 1142 views

Southwest President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan, who is on a visit to United Arab Emirates, met with officials from the Dubai-based DP World and discussed the development of Barawa seaport. DP World had previously signed agreements with Somaliland and Puntland regional administrations that saw the concession of the ports of Bosaso and Berbera to the Dubai-based firm.

DP World is now eyeing to sign an agreement with the Southwest regional administration over the takeover and construction of the strategically-located Barawa seaport.During their meeting, the two sides have agreed to asses the port and find out ways to implement the project. The Dubai-based firm will soon send an assessment team to Barawa to assess the situation of the port, town and the region. UAE is gaining a strong influence in the regional administrations at the expense of the federal government.

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