Diinsoor Women Association Chairperson Shot And Killed At Her Home

by admin | Friday, Jun 9, 2017 | 276 views

The chairwoman of the women association of Diinsoor district in Bay region, has been killed on Wednesdayevening at her home. Assailants attacked her inside her home moments after Iftar time. Yarey Mohamed Garweyne was the area women association chairlady, according to Diinsoor District Commissioner, Ibrahim Mohamed Nur (Shigshigow).

Shigshigow accused the militant group Al-Shabaab of being behind the merciless killing of Yarey. “Two young assailants knocked on her door asking for her, and when the door was opened, they began to attack her shooting her to death,” said the area commissioner. “The two killers managed to escape, but we are pursuing them and we will apprehend them to bring them before justice.” Shigshigow accused Al-Shabaab of waging unjustified wave of assassination against innocent civilians in the region.

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