Daesh Fighters Increase their Presence In Qandala Says The Town’s District Commissioner

by admin | Tuesday, Nov 1, 2016 | 331 views

Jamaa Mohamed Kuurshe, the District Commissioner of Qandala in the Bari region has confirmed that fighters loyal to the terrorist group known as Daesh are still in the area days after reports emerged that they have withdrawn from the town. The district commissioner said he is in Bosaaso, however he is receiving reports from residents of the town who fled their house using boats.

“I am in Bosaaso, there is still the presence of Daesh fighters in the town and a few residents.  A lot of people have been displaced who have already arrived in Bosaaso and other areas,“  the district commissioner said. The district commissioner also mentioned the presence of warships in the waters of Qandala who as he said are monitoring the situation. He added that Puntland forces are also planning on retaking the town.

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