British terror twins widowed after ‘BOTH husbands killed fighting for Islamic State’ in Iraq

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Two British terror twins have been left widowed after their husbands died fighting for Islamic State in Iraq, one has claimed.

Zahra Halane, 17, said on Twitter today that 19-year-old Ali Kalantar – originally from Coventry – died two days ago.

Halane married the Islamic State fighter in Syria after disappearing from the home in Manchester she shared with her twin sister Salma.

In a subsequent tweet today, she revealed that Salma had also been left widowed – saying they had both been left iddah (widows) together.

Zahra tweeted: “May Allah accept my husband @AliAlfarsiii who got his shahadah (final reckoning) in Iraq two days ago.”’

She then posted a picture, apparently of her dead husband, the Sun reports.
She tweeted: “He was a blessing from Allah swt (heart) please make dua (prayers) Allah accepts him and I will join him very sooooon:’)”

Zahra tweeted: “My twin sister husband got shahadah too the same time as mine LOOL we both made hijrah (migration) together now both iddah (widows) together too.

“So right now!? Like right, right now! My husband is probably with his hoor al ayns (virgins)? :0”.

Kalantar, whose father says he was ‘brainwashed’ by a local imam left the UK in March while studying for his A-levels.

His unnamed sister was interviewed in the Coventry Telegraph saying: “One day he decided to go and was soon going to prayers five times a day.

“He changed, but we never dreamed he was being radicalised. The imam groomed him, that’s the word to describe it.

“Apparently he was constantly telling these boys that they should go overseas to fight jihad.”

He had been due to study computer science at Coventry University but instead left the city with two friends, including 18-year-old Mohammed Hadi.

He borrowed money from his father for the plane ticket telling him it was to buy a new computer.

Members of his family travelled to Turkey to try and find him and bring him home but he described on his Facebook page how he had no intention of ever coming home.

His death takes the toll of Britons killed fighting in Iraq and Syria to 32.
Kalantar once said British passport “had less value than toilet tissue paper’and wrote on his Twitter account “You only die once so why dont you make it martyr?”

Last month, he had written on his Twitter: “Why don’t these suger coated mozlems understand that Islam was also spread by sword not flowers & perfumes?”

And in an earlier post, he added: “Jihad is the cure for all diseases #FACT.”

His death has not been independently verified. His family could not be contacted.

Source: Daily Mirror

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