AlShabaab vows to launch fresh attack on new administration

by admin | Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 | 361 views

19 Feb 2017 (SofoNews) – Al Shabaab fighters have declared that they will continue its campaign of assaults on AMISOM and the federal government of Somalia.

The newly-elected president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo have made clear that he wants the al-Qaida associated group to be eliminated within two years following a meeting with officials from troop contributing countries.

However, Sheikh Hassan Yaqub, a top al-Shabaab leader has announced the group opposed the recent election and vowed to overthrow the fragile government backed by AU and UN.

The President tonight announced his government will pay US$100,000 award money for everyone who reports al-Shabaab movements and plots and suicide cars.

” Somalia and AMISOM should prepare for a new bloodshed” Mr. Yacqub of al-shabaab said, adding that the group will wage fresh assaults on NISA and AMISOM forces.

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