Al-Shabaab hijack Jubilee campaign car in Mandera

by admin | Saturday, Jul 29, 2017 | 282 views

Al-Shabaab fighters in Kenya are said to have hijacked a vehicle belonging to Jubilee Party campaign team in Mandera.

According to Charles Chacha, the Mandera South police boss, the incident was reported about 5pm on Friday and they understand that the driver and a passenger are missing.

“We received a report of hijacking of a vehicle that was returning to Bore Hole 11 town after dropping party supporters at Falama area near Kenya Somalia border and the rescue operation is underway,” said Mr Chacha.

The hijacked car branded in Jubilee Party colours is owned by a former civic leader and it remains unknown the number of militants who have hijacked the car.

“The driver and a passenger are yet to be found” police boss said.

Mandera police has been on a high alert since the incident was reported to their station as the incident has caused panic in the area that has been peaceful for the las few months.

Mandera residents are familiar with terror-related reports but they have been enjoying their lives after the region maintained full peace for a month.

Kenya is one of troop-contributing countries operating in Somalia under the AU mission known as AMISOM.

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