Al-Shabaab commander slain by Kenyan forces in Somalia

by admin | Sunday, Apr 9, 2017 | 231 views

9 April 2017 (SofoNews) – The Kenyan military Saturday said it had foiled an attack by al-Shabaab militants on a military base in neighboring Somalia, in the process killing Bashe Nure Hassan, a top al-Shabaab commander.

Kenya Defense Forces spokesman Col. Joseph Owuoth Saturday said in a statement that Kenyan soldiers rushed to the aid of Somali National Army (SNA) soldiers who were being attacked by al-Shabaab at around 3.05 East African time (0005GMT).

“In the subsequent engagement AMISOM [African Union Mission in Somalia forces from Kenya] supported the SNA allies using mortars and machine gun fire to scuttle the terrorist attack,” Owuoth said, adding that the attack happened at Kulday, Somalia.

“Following the failed terrorist attack, two al-Shabaab terrorists were neutralized and scores injured, and one of the terrorists killed was an al-Shabaab commander, Bashe Nure Hassan,” he added.

According to the Kenyan military, Bashe Nure Hassan was a Kuday resident who was born and raised in the area before joining the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Shabaab militant group several years back.

Kenyan soldiers also said that they recovered an assortment of weapons including three AK-47 rifles, 11 magazines, a satellite phone, and 290 rounds of ammunition. The Kenyan military said that there were no casualties from the Somali army side or Kenyan side.

Over 20,000 troops are stationed in Somalia as part of the African Union Mission to Somalia fighting the al-Shabaab movement, which was created at the beginning of 2004.

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